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Yoooga is not your typical yoga studio, Yoooga brings yoga to you. Our goal is to help people maintain not only their physical but also their mental health, while living your life. Yoooga gives you a moment to slow down, in order to stay fast in the busy lives we live.

At Yoooga we are building a community of freelance yoga teachers with a passion to bring yoga into the business segment. With demands and stresslevels rising in the work environment, people are becoming more and more aware of the relevance of slowing down once in a while for productivity. Also the importance of better communication in business, especially internally, has finally come through. There has been a rise in team bonding activities, and also mediation has taken a hold. Yoga can be a great addition to these team bonding activities, helping people manage their stresslevel and creating healthy relationships within a company.


Yoooga is not your typical yoga studio, Yoooga brings yoga to you. We want you to feel good about yourself and have a healthy mind, while living your life as normal. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, Yoooga at home is a perfect way to start your yoga practice. No time to leave the kids or the house, we come to you with all the props you need. Want to take a lesson with a friend, or with your child, that is also possible.


Ytribe was founded by Hadewych de Groot van Embden, an architecture student who found yoga not only to be one of the most helpful ways to cope with the stress of university, but also increased her physical health. After being a part of a weekly yoga lesson at University and seeing the benefits for the students, gaining more participants each week, she decided to take this to the next level. Creating an online community of freelance yoga teachers, bringing them to you, at home, at work, at university or wherever you are.


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